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  5. "Ви їсте фрукти на десерт?"

"Ви їсте фрукти на десерт?"

Translation:Do you eat fruit for dessert?

May 31, 2015



Why fruit not fruits?


But "fruit" can be used as an uncountable noun, right?


Yes :) But can фрукти be plural so that fruits should be accepted as well?


This sentence is actually about fruit in general, so I think "fruit" is better. Because "fruits" means different kinds of fruit. But what do I know :)

Фрукти in Ukranian is plural of фрукт.


Why is 'Do you eat fruit for pudding marked incorrect?


I believe it's too British to be widely known. It is a good translation though, I hope you reported it and in this case it will probably be added as an alternative.


Do questions and other sentences sound the same in Ukrainian? This doesnt sound like a question to me.


It is a proper question. We just change the intonation.

Я кіт - I'm a cat

Я кіт? - Am I cat?

We also have this question word чи that can clearly mark a sentence as a question, so you can ask:

Чи я кіт? Am I cat?

But it makes sentence sound more formal, and while some people do use it in their daily speech, it sounds quite bookish to me.


The text-to-speech robot is wrong here, should be їстЕ, not Їсте

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