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  5. "The sky is above the earth."

"The sky is above the earth."

Translation:La ĉielo estas super la tero.

May 31, 2015



Can you make "super" a verb here: "La cielo superas la tero."?


Yes, you can make super a verb. But two things to note:

  1. Don't forget the circumflex at the beginning of ĉielo!

  2. When you use superas instead of estas super, you need to use the accusative form la teron, since now the earth is the direct object.


Thank you, I hadn't realized I would use the accusative. I was aware of the missing circumflex, I just haven't gone through the effort of figuring out how to write one outside of the lessons yet.

Thanks again, this was very helpful.


If you can't write the diacritics with your keyboard, the convention is to write an X (or sometimes an H, but I prefer the X) after the letter. So you can write "cxielo" if you can't do "ĉielo".


Duolingo will not accept the x or h system for the lessons, though. :) Just a gentle reminder to limit confusion.


They support the x system, actually. Now


They've supported the X system for a while now. At least a few months.


That's why they give us the nice cheater letters under the answer box.

If you can get a keyboard which accepts, or uses E-aj tiparoj, that can also help. Check the discussion on "Esperanto keyboards" in the discussion area. Warning: it's long)


To anyone who uses Android: Swiftkey has an Esperanto language pack so you can just hold a letter and the option for the circumflex is there.


If nothing helps, type cx for ĉ. Better than just c. The X-method is not fundamental as ch is, but has the advantage that you may convert cx <-> ĉ back and forth as often as you want. So long you are not dealing with bilingual texts with french names like Bordeaux and operating systems like Linŭ :P .

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