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International certificate or diploma for Esperanto?

Is there any internationally recognized exam to certify Esperanto competences of the candidates? Like TOEFL or TOEIC, DELF or DALF, DELE etc.

Please give me some links.

P.S. I really appreciate comments on Esperanto grammar from contributors. Thanks a lot, guys!

May 31, 2015



There is the so called KER-ekzameno http://www.edukado.net/ekzamenoj/ker


Yes, the KER-exam is really legitimate. It's part of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Yes, I plan on taking the KER next year. It is supposed to be offered at Stanford once a year (as well as in Europe a bit more often) but I missed it this year. I have an email from Amanda Higley explaining that the exam at Stanford was cancelled this year, but that the registration deadline for it is 1st of March. She also stated that the exam will be offered at the UK in Lille on the 31st of July. Sadly, I have no money to go to France!


Until Chuck will answer himself, you can have a look at one of his posts from May 9, 2013. Have fun =)


That's exactly what I was going to post, thanks Alex! I just want to add that I imagine sometime in the future, Duolingo will also offer official Esperanto exams, but that's still quite a ways off. :)


That would be so awesome!


I just read through the wiki post for the Common European Framework, and the Duolingo English test is recognised on that, so maybe Esperanto will be a possibility!


I know there is one in Budapest, Hungary


In Hungary you can choose Esperanto as one of the foreign languages needed to finish university studies.


Lernu.net also gives exams but I don't know if they are internationally recognized.


They're not very good. They're wooden, and poor measures of actual learning and prowess with the language. It favors the old-school language-learner's "How right are you" mentality over "How much can you do?" that defines newer language-teaching theory. Ahem, I'm speaking as an actual teacher, so... harsh criticism and whatnot.

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