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  5. "Hytta hennes er blå."

"Hytta hennes er blå."

Translation:Her cabin is blue.

May 31, 2015


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In rural eastern Poland a couple of decades ago it would mean, that she is an unmarried woman waiting for some bachelor to arrive ;)


Hvorfor kan man ikke si: "hytten hennes er blå"? :)


Who says you can't?


I tried and it seemed to be incorrect.


I think you may have had a typo, as it was accepted for me.


This is not currently being accepted on the Android app, while testing out of a level. It insists that it must be hytta. I'd share a screenshot if the app allowed it.


"Hytta" is a feminine word, and if I'm not entirely wrong, all feminine words can also be masculine. "Hytta" could therefore also be written "hytten" - means the same thing, however, I personally think "hytta" sounds better (might be a dialect thing). Same thing with "flua/fluen" - the fly, "stua/stuen" - the living room, "lampa/lampen" - the lamp. The first word is the feminine version of the word, which would have the indefinite article "ei" and the last word is the masculine word, which would have the indefinite article "en".

Both of the words in the examples above are equally right, however, I think the feminine version is more dialect and the masculine.

Hope this helped more than it confused you...


what is wrong with shed?


"Shed" is usually a simple construction, while a cabin (hytte) is an actual "house".


A shed is where you place tool and other stuff you use in your yard and Hytta is like a small house for spending a weekend in.

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