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"The man often wears shorts in the summer."

Translation:La viro ofte portas mallongan pantalonon en somero.

May 31, 2015



shorts = pantaloneto ?


"Somero" has been flagged as not being translatable elsewhere in this section to "the summer". This should, I think, be consistent.


It depends on whether you'd use it in English or not - that is what should be consistent:

  • Summer is a season. Somero estas sezono.
  • I wear shorts in the summer. Mi portas pantalonon en somero.


I agree, and I would use it in English. It was mentioned elsewhere as being inappropriate, and "la somero" was the only acceptable translation for "the summer".


Interesting. Were those instances after prepositions? I just checked the Esperanto Wikipedia page for Somero and they there are several instances there where we'd use "the summer" after the preposition but Esperanto chooses not to.


I believe it was exactly the same phrase in a typed exercise. My comment relates to its inconsistent use in this lesson, not grammar issues per se. It had already been flagged and discussed, but "the summer" was seemingly rejected in a previous eo-en translation, hence my note here (after the fact).


Alright, thanks for the clarification.

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