"She puts the lamp in the pendant lamp."

Translation:Ela coloca a lâmpada no lustre.

September 30, 2013

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I dont remember being taught the word "lustre"


This does not make sense in English!


I agree that the English sentence is very badly worded but I thought it made sense (see my reply to barbaratorrance). Am I letting Duolingo off too lightly?


I think this would be better as "She puts the bulb in the lamp."


So is 'lâmpada' more like 'lightbulb'? Or is this just another weird duolingo sentence? The pictures from before make it look like it's a table lamp, but this sentence makes it seem like a lightbulb.


Lâmpada = lampbulb.


wordreference.com gave me "berloque" for pendant lamp. Does that sound right?


Never seen his word before.


Ha. It's on google translate too.


Probably a mistake. I think a "berloque" is a pendant or charm for a charm bracelet: http://www.aulete.com.br/berloque. It is derived from the French word "breloque": http://dictionary.reverso.net/french-english/breloque.


Would luminária be acceptable here instead of lustre?


Is luz masculine? Given as a luz on GT.


this does not make sense You can put a bulb in a pendant lamp but not a lamp in a lamp


This dictionary http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/lamp, defines a "lamp" as both what you understand the word to mean and also as "a glass bulb or tube that emits light produced by electricity (as an incandescent lightbulb or fluorescent lamp)".

[Edit: I've just noticed that the description on the packaging for the bulb I use in my reading lamp is "35W Halogen Lamp" so I could certainly say "I put the (halogen) lamp in my (reading) lamp".]


The packaging, and even the dictionary, may call it a lamp, but I'm 65 and I have never heard anyone refer to a light bulb as a lamp.


The word bulb is more an expression of shape (literally "like an onion") than function and the electrical component itself is a lamp (even if virtually everyone calls it a bulb or light bulb). All I can do is show you some evidence of this:


I'm sure you could argue that Duolingo's sentence is not something that anyone would say, and that's a good point, but it would not be wrong to say it.


Many of Duolingo's sentences are absurd, some have odd construction and others are simply wrong, although I like what they're doing overall. . I didn't mean that calling a light bulb a "lamp" is incorrect, I know it isn't. What I try to point out is that it is not common usage, at least where I've spent my life, the US states of New York and Connecticut, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.


Right, I was in two minds whether to bother taking the time to explain that a light bulb is a lamp. No harm done I hope, and I'm sorry if you found my reply in any way condescending, please blame it on my misinterpretation of "I have never heard anyone refer to a light bulb as a lamp".


You say that pendant mean berloque ,don't you ?

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