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"We do not have one liter beer."

Translation:Nós não temos cerveja de um litro.

September 30, 2013

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I'm also confused as to why 'nós não temos um litro de cerveja' is wrong?


I think the English sentence would be clearer if it said, "We don't have one-liter (bottles of) beer."


I agree, I think the sentence as it currently is is quite misleading.


yes, but that's a different sentence.


Obrigado, now i ve got the idea


it does now 23/7/20


This sentence is supposed to refer to the size of the beer bottle rather than the amount of beer.


I'd say the English original is very misleading/weird sounding. I assumed it meant that they didn't have a litre of beer.


If it's referring to the size of a liter bottle, then it should say "...one-liter beer." Otherwise, it should say "We do not have one liter OF beer" The current phrase is not correct in English. Also the answer given in English includes the word "de" which makes you think "of" should be in there somewhere.


Not just a hyphen but a rearrangement of the words. "We do not have beer in one-liter[s]" but I still cannot imagine leaving out the container aspect (container, bottle, can, glass). "We do not have 1-liter containers of beer" or, "We do not have 1-liter beer containers" or, "We do not have a one-liter sized beer" or, "We do not have a one-liter size of beer."

Or the plural needs to be used: "We do not have one-liter beers."


yes, but one translates a sentence, not 'what the sentence is supposed to refer to' :)


This sentence sounds wrong. I agree with so many of you out there.


For me this English sentence pushes the boundaries of grammaticality so much that I had no idea what it was supposed to mean until I saw the Portuguese translation.


If duo wants to teach a difference here it should make sure the other language is clear about what is being said. In this case it isn't and it's therefore much more correct to say "Nós não temos um litro de cerveja [como precisa o receite desse prato]."

Duo should not generally expect the most simple and adequate translation on the one hand and then come around with basically wrong examples for the exception or idioms on the other expecting the user to decipher some ill-worded intent.


As I stumble across this for the first time, making exactly the same wrong interpretation of the English as others before me, it is frustrating that no-one at Duo has responded or, even better, corrected the English to provide the intended meaning.


one liter beer = cerveja de um litro a liter of beer = um litro de cerveja


Confusing but I get the drift.


Please correct this English sentence. We do not have one liter bottles or cans of beer which is what a native US English speaker would say


This is incorrect english. Correct is "we do not have any beer" or "we do not have beer in one litre quantaties"


Why is 'Nós não temos um litro de cerveja' wrong? Is it just the way things are ordered in the language?


Um litro de cerveja = a liter of beer...


Yes but the English doesn’t make sense and is wrong.


So the English sentence is referring to the size of the beer and not the amount. Correct? I just want to be sure. haha


The English sentence doesn't make any sense, DocBran


The English sentence should be "We do not have one liter beers?" to indicate size and not an amount OF beer.


The English sentence doesn't make sense. I translated as best I could. What is one litre beer supposed to mean if it DOESN'T mean one litre of beer?


I went through the whole discussion, and I wonder: how can a learner understand these strange considerations?


What is wrong with "A gente não temos cerveja de um litro"?


A gente não tem cerveja de um litro.


we do not have a litre bottle of beer


Much better than duo text!

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