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"Вони люблять кашу, рибу і яйця."

Translation:They like porridge, fish and eggs.

May 31, 2015



DL should really accept "kasha" as an English word. Most parts of the English speaking world I've been to that have enough people who eat buckwheat kasha, in the UK or the US, call it "kasha" in English. Porridge is a soupy, mushed up mess, and I doubt anyone in America uses the word in any situation other than describing Dickensian Britain. (What the Brits would call porridge, Americans just call "oatmeal"). Russian/Ukrainian kasha is closer to rice in consistency and is not at all well described by the word "porridge." Polish-style kasha is often mushier and might look more like a "porridge," but where I'm from at least, we still call it "kasha" or maaaaaybe "buckwheat groats" (but that's more what's written on the bulk food store label, not what you call it when talking to a human).


Is 'яйця' the plural form of 'egg', or can it be singular/collective too?


Яйце is singular and яйця is plural


What exactly is kasha? Google images "Does not compute"


It's an oatmeal-ish cereal made with buckwheat:


Shouldn't "яйця" be in the accusative case as well?


It is accusative! Fot this word it's just the same as nominative. http://i.imgur.com/UoDoM4b.png - it is declined by the pattern "місця"


Why isn't яйця, яйцю? The tips say to drop the я and add ю.

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