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  5. "He takes the food."

"He takes the food."

Translation:Tógann sé an bia.

May 31, 2015



I think that the verb 'glac' should be accepted in this case as it is what you would naturally say in this situation.


I agree with this.


Does anyone else have the problem that Duolingo marks your answer as totally correct even when you know you spelled something wrong? It doesn't always show the correct answer, so I don't know if I'm actually getting it right or not. Is this a problem with the website, or is it something I can change in my settings?


yes, sometimes it will mark you as correct even if you spelled something wrong and others will mark you as wrong for something like an obvious typo. I'm not sure how it works but it's probably something on what was considered "allowed" in the exercise itself? It happens in multiple courses but not in all exercises.


What's the difference in use between the verb "tógann" and the verb "baineann"?


tógann and baineann are present tense forms of the verbs tóg and bain

The verb bain can means "extract" or "reap" or "Release from socket" or "Release from source" or "Release sound" or "Agitate" or " Release from hold" or "Win" or " Become due".

bain can also be used in "phrasal verbs" such as bain amach, bain aníos, bain anuas, bain ar, *bain as, bain chuig, bain de, bain do, bain faoi, *bain le, bain ó and bain siar as each with a different meaning.

tóg also hs a range of meanings, from the basic "Lift, raise; take up, take" to "win" or "arrest" or "Be infected with", and can also be used as part of a phrasal verb with a range of different prepositions that can modify the interpretation of the verb.

I'm assuming you're asking the question because you think that they both mean the same thing - it would be helpful if you told us what you think each of them means, and what lead you to think that.


In this case, I probably was considering them both to mean 'take' so couldn't understand when one or the other should be used (I probably saw some example with an ambiguos translation, but I think I understood the difference well from your previous comment) Thanks!

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