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  5. Did I nuke my profile?


Did I nuke my profile?

So I'm trying out the new Esperanto course on a computer. I go to use the app and it pops up with an unsupported language error and a list of stuff. I'm not paying attention, so I just click something. Apparently I hit Italian -> English and now my profile has been nuked. Everything is in Italian (which I don't speak) and my profile has no knowledge of the progress I made on Esperanto, Spanish, or Irish. I'm afraid to add the courses back and lose what I've done. What should I do now?

PS - This seems like a far worse bug than the old one that used to just crash the app with an unsupported language.

May 31, 2015



Hover over your profile name on the top right of the home page. Click on the second option down. Click on the second option on the right side of the page. Click on the first option and change it to one of the languages you are learning.

It might sound more confusing since it's not in Italian

I hope I helped!


It did help, thanks!

I had a feeling that it was that simple but I was scared to pull the trigger. You gave me the confidence! Thanks again!


Glad to help:)


This happens to people quite regularly. It happened to me when I was new and there are usually several threads a day from people it's happened to. It would be nice if this were made a bit more intuitive. For example, the first time you switch languages duo could give you a message, in your current language, telling you how to switch back.

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