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Words not being covered in Swedish course?

I've noticed that some words like "så, mycket, om, hen" are not covered in the Phrases component of the Swedish course. Is this a glitch?

May 31, 2015



I've found a great dictionary for Swedish if you want to try it. You can use it to learn more vocab. I use it for my Norwegian and it's brilliant!

Here's the link: http://ensv.dict.cc/?hmb=r Just to let you know, it's still in beta.

In terms of your question, if the words aren't in the phrases skill, there probably not going to be in it because the course is out of beta and the moderators can't move words.


Thanks a lot! Will check out the link.

Also, thanks for the info regarding the courses. There were some things I picked up, so I wasn't so sure as to what was supposed to be covered. Thanks again! :)

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