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"We need one more airplane to open new routes."

Translation:Nós precisamos de mais um avião para abrir novas rotas.

September 30, 2013



Por que "rotas novas" é errado, mas "novas rotas" é correto? Eles não são o mesmo?


novo(s), nova(s) usually come before the noun. But not a rule. so just report.


Obrigado for all of your help to everyone!


I wrote "nós precisamos de um avião mais para abrir novas rotas" and was marked wrong. Take a look at what Duolingo tells me is the correct answer, and try not to laugh your ass off: "Nós precisamos de um 1 avião mais para abrir novas rotas."


Wow... Both "um avião mais" and "1 avião mais" do not work. =/

The correct way is "mais um avião".


when novo is placed after a noun it often means young rather than new. o novo menino= the new boy; o menino novo= the young boy. a nova casa= the new house; a casa nova= the young (i.e. recently build) house


It is not rule, but depends on the context.

One can say "Esta é sua casa nova?" to mean "new house", not a recently built one.


Nós precisamos de um avião mais para abrir novas rotas is wrong. Nós precisamos de um avião A mais para abrir novas rotas is the correct sentence .


Why? Can you explain it?


"um avião mais" only exists if you continue the phrase with an adjective like "um avião mais moderno para abrir novas rotas..."

when you mean "one more" it should be written "um a mais" the A letter is working as a preposition there, as "one less" should be "um a menos". The number doesn't matter here, it can be "cinco caixas a mais, oito a menos" the single A is always the same.


Yes, you have to say "mais um avião" or "um avião a mais" but not "um avião mais".


why isn't it "mais de um avião"? because it's not "more than one" but rather "one more"?


It is "more than one plane".


I put um aviao a mais but it was not accepted. Any reason? I will report it.


«Precisamos de um avião a mais para abrir novas rotas.» is also counted as wrong. I reported it suspecting it should be accepted, but am I wrong?

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I would like to hear the answer to this too, please. :)


We are both waiting, please


Why not "a gente precisa"? I thought this was Brazilian Portuguese.


Instead of "Precisamos de mais um avião" could you also say "Precisamos um avião de mais"? Or would that mean "We need a plane too much" (too much as in, we have enough planes, but we need one more than sufficient).


I wrote "precisamos um aviao DE mais" is "de mais" used in another sense? It feels familiar, even if it's wrong in this sense.


Maybe you're thinking of "demais", which can mean "too much"?


I flagged this, too, but I am pretty sure "A gente precisa de..." should work, too.


Is it more common to put adjectives like "novas/velhos" in the front of the subject or noun, or behind it? EDIT: Answer, for the general age of something, young and old, usually before is where they exist, but this is not a set in stone rule.

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