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Use of "a" and "an" in English speech.

Love DuoLingo. New to it, but noticed on the website "hector mastered a English skill". Just thought I'd question this "modern" usage. I suspect it is becoming more common through non-vocalised on-screen communication. But if spoken English is being taught, "an English skill" would seem to me to be much better English. More skilful! :) Cheers.

December 26, 2012



Yes! I don't know if that's included in the English lessons, but they should mention that the indefinite article ("a") changes to "an" when predeeding a vowel. It sounds really odd to me to hear it otherwise.


"Hector mastered a English skill" is incorrect in both spoken and written English. It should definitely be 'an' whether written or said out loud. :)


Yes, this is a bug with the site. The problem is that this was written when we only supported Spanish and German, both of which need "a". We'll fix it, though to be honest, it's not our highest priority.

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