"Thanks for coming!"

Translation:Dankon por veni!

3 years ago



This should be the last question on the last lesson.

3 years ago


Why is it not "Dankon pro veni"?

Isnt it pro when meaning for as in because of that

While por is something for that.

3 years ago


Please make sure to report this sentence! Even "Dankon pro veni" would still be wrong. :-( "Dankon pro veno" would be gramatically correct I think, but somewhat raw to my ears. The most common way to say this is: probably "Dankon pro via ĉeesto".

3 years ago

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When introducing "por" and "pro" they wrote in the "tips & notes" that "pro" is related to the past and "por" to the future.

It would be more unique to write "Dankon ke vi venis/venas/venos".

3 years ago
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