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  5. "Thanks for coming!"

"Thanks for coming!"

Translation:Dankon por veni!

May 31, 2015



This should be the last question on the last lesson.


Why is it not "Dankon pro veni"?

Isnt it pro when meaning for as in because of that

While por is something for that.


Please make sure to report this sentence! Even "Dankon pro veni" would still be wrong. :-( "Dankon pro veno" would be gramatically correct I think, but somewhat raw to my ears. The most common way to say this is: probably "Dankon pro via ĉeesto".


When introducing "por" and "pro" they wrote in the "tips & notes" that "pro" is related to the past and "por" to the future.

It would be more unique to write "Dankon ke vi venis/venas/venos".

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