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May 31, 2015


[deactivated user]

    quick question: how understandable is Ukrainian to Russian? Just wondering!


    Depending on the benefits from the situation, they either say that Ukrainian is not different from Russian at all and is just a dialect influenced by Polish (usually politicians), or that Ukrainian is a completely different language and why don't we translate to Russian because they can't understand (well, usually everywhere else, like museum tours and etc, which is what it actually is...)


    Russian people can't really understand Ukrainian, but Ukrainian people can understand Russian.


    those who grew in Ukraine and other regions where Russian was taught. Ukrainians in US and Canada, etc, don't understand Russian (just as I don't understand Bulgarian and Serbian easily)


    common. im russian but i understand a big part of prahses. maybe it is because of my roots idk


    I am Russian native-speaker and I understand I'd say definetely over 90% of words in written texts. When it comes to listening, i'd say 60-70% but it depends much on the topic. It also depends on the region of Ukraine, it is more difficult to understand people from Western regions


    I think it's similar between Scandinavian languages.


    In Russian it's привет


    I've started to notice that "e" in russian is directly replaced with "i" in Ukrainian... is the sound exactly the same? Is this the only major difference between the alphabets?


    that's due to this old letter: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yat

    The sound is not the same, these words have different pronunciation


    fascinating stuff, thank you!


    Does e and є interсhange their pronunciation in Ukranian and russian?


    Russian двое and Ukrainian двоє do sound the same :)

    There's no є in Russian and no э in Ukrainian. Ukranian е sounds the same as Russian э.

    There are quite a few words that have the same spelling in Rus and Ukr, but are pronounced in a different way: дерево (tree), текст (text), день (day)


    Thank you for your reply. I am sorry, I made mistake in Russian 'э' and Ukranian ' є' I meant to say Ukranian e and ' є ; and Russian é 'and ''э'.


    it is a very ,,hard''sentence!!!!


    The same situation is with и, і and ы. No ы in Ukrainian, no і in Russian. There's и in both languages, but it has different pronunciation. There're words with the same spelling and different pronunciation: машина (machine), калина (guelder rose)


    To vbenic
    We don't have any rules as those are just two different sounds (there are only rules about which letter to choose when you are dealing with loan words). "і" causes the palatalization of the previous consonant (i. e. the consonant becomes soft). Listen to these examples:


    Is there any rule about when to use и or і? I am biscript in Latin and Cyrillic, but Serbian Cyrillic that I know has only и, and I don't hear any difference between и and i.


    how do i get the letter ȳ to show up on the Ukrainian keyboard?


    There is no such letter in Ukrainian alphabet, it only exists in Belarussian. This sound exists in Ukrianian, though, in certain situations (like in the end of ходив), ut most people don't realise/understand/know that


    I was taught that in Western Ukrainian you say - як чі маєш? I think privet is more russian from Priviat?

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