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Can you find discussion in Esperanto on almost any niche subject?

I was just wondering if Esperanto has spread far and wide enough that I could speak about almost anything using the language, or if there are certain things that I might have to cultivate a community all on my own for some things? Say perhaps anime and manga, it is extremely popular in the world right now. But I don't know how diverse Esperantists are when it comes to hobbies.

Another example of something I enjoy would be pro wrestling. I've grown up with it. I did a search and found a very short Wikipedia article in Esperanto that only really gives it an identity and doesn't really go beyond that. So would I be able to find somebody to discuss WWE with in Esperanto that easily, or do I have to seek it out by asking around?

Do Esperantists come into troubles talking about hobbies in depth?

May 31, 2015



there are certain things that I might have to cultivate a community all on my own for some things?

There will always be new things you can spread through Esperanto

Say perhaps anime and manga

But I don't know how diverse Esperantists are when it comes to hobbies.

There are clubs/associations/groups for many things:

do I have to seek it out by asking around?

"If you build it, they will come"

"If you build it, they will come"


"If you build it, they will come" is especially true for Esperantists, from what I've seen. The philosophy of the language attracts people who want to get together and share ideas, so if you put your voice out there someone is bound to answer you.


Seconded "if you build it, they will come"!

My very first conversation in Esperanto, years back, was with a chap from Russia (or might've been Ukraine) who didn't speak a word of English, and that was quite the eye-opener for the value of the language! I started a thread on a forum, entitled "Parlu sur Doktoro Kiu en Esperanto!" - and I received responses! I'd hunted all over the place for Esperanto discussions about Doctor Who, couldn't find any anywhere, so I built it and they came!


Mi tre ŝatas Doktoro Kiu! Mi amus al paroli pri ĝin kun alia Esperantistoj.


Yaaaaay! (Jeeeeej? :P ) Mi ankaŭ...sed mi pensas ke mia lerteco estas tre malgranda...sed mi lernos! Mi lernos, kaj tiam, mi faros unu parolon aŭ eble unu rolludon!

Ĉu vi havas unu Doktoron preferatan?


Via lerteco estas pli bona ol mian, sed ankaŭ mi lernos. Vortaroj estas mia amiketoj.

Mia preferatan Doktoron estas dek du, sed naŭ ankaŭ estas tre bona. Malagrablaj doktoroj estas plej bona.


I think you'd say "Mia preferata Doktoro" there - I had to have the -n because it was the subject of a "havas" sentence. I /think/... And I'm popping over to your stream now, because this is a conversation I very much want to continue, but I don't want to get my knuckles rapped for derailing this thread! XD


That's great to hear, that you got such a positive response! I'm a bit of a techie, I wonder if I could use that power to build a small community in Esperanto one day. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, haha, but it seems like there's a lot of openings to bring Esperanto to the web in ways that haven't been explored. Thanks for sharing your experience with me!


Help the Esperanto community grow! I am still learning it even though I know very few other Esperantistoj share my interest in the military.


I hope esperanto turns out to be all pervasive, because I have a lot of obscure interests.


I see you like go! Not surprisingly, it's a very popular game in Esperantujo (compared to, say, in the US). Actually, I first found out about go at an Esperanto youth event.


That's what I want to hear!


Esperantists form a small community so you will not find much discussion about every niche subjects, however esperanto has the tendency to attract people with obscure interest so you may find extensive discussions about some niche subjects


Esperanto is just like any other language; a means of communication. And, like many other languages, its speakers are diverse in interests and backgrounds. And, also like any language, if the discussion hasn't started yet, someone has to. More still, like any language, it evolves and grows, guided by its speakers. If a word or concept doesn't exist in it, it will adapt as long as its speakers find a way to adapt it. So, I'd say, if you can't find it, go ahead and start it. Why not? The more speakers it gets and the more people speak it an use it, the more resources and topics discussed in it, the better. :D

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