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  5. "Good afternoon!"

"Good afternoon!"

Translation:Добрий день!

May 31, 2015



I can't figure out how to make the sound N softer?!??


Think of Italian "signore"


could it also sound like "em" in Portuguese? https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/em#Portuguese


It doesn't sound like in Portuguese. In Portuguese, we don't pronounce the M or N in the end of a syllable, we tend to nasalize the preceding vowel instead. In Ukranian, we do pronounce the N in the end of syllable. And in this case, the N is palatalized, which means that along with the tip of your tongue making the N sound, the middle of the tongue touches the roof of your mouth (hard palate).


Russian has exactly the same term - only one letter that's different in the spelling


Is there another word for "good" or would Добрий be the normal word used in a simple sentence such as -- "This is good." ?


adverb is добре (well). You use it just like you would use "well".

Adjective "добрий (добра, добре)" actually mostly mean "kind, nice" or even "tasty", it's less common to use it in the meaning "good". To say "good" there's another adj: хороший (comparative: кращий, ліпший, superlative: найкращий, найліпший)


you have been helping a lot! thank you!!


Addition to Vinnfred's comment: добрий means "good" as opposed to "evil" --> kind, nice; хороший means "good" as opposed to "bad", "bad quality", "nasty". So, "Ти дуже добрий" means "You are very kind" (maybe, to me etc.), "Ти дуже хороший" = "You are very good" (not to somebody but just you're nice)

There's also informal "класний" :) "Ти класний!", "Класне кіно!", "Класний кіт", ....


Класний is "cool", I think :)


Mmm, what is крутий then?.. I thought of it too, decided that класний is somewhere between "good" and "cool", cause it's more informal than "good" but still said by parents or about cute and nice things that are not really "coool" :)

But yeah, you're right. It's not a synonym at all, much stronger, you can't say like "Класного ранку" or so xD


Oh, I mean крутий - awesome


Maybe something along the lines of "awesome"?


Mmm... I don't think so... Again, "awesome" is usually not used by older people or about cute things e.g. Mom saying: "О-о-о, яке класне кошенятко!" --> "awesome" doesn't really fit here, more like "neat" or what...


Доброго дня should also be accepted, it's actually more common to say "Good afternoon" in Ukrainian than Добрий день


А також "Доброго ранку" :)


I can't download the Ukrainian keyboard on my phone


why is добре день incorrect? what is the difference between добре and добрий?


When you want to answer just "ok" you can say "добре". For example - "Will you help me?", Your answer will be "ok" = "добре". In case of "добрий", it can be translated as "good" but it come just as part of collocation, like "добрий ранок" - "good morning".

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