"Hva gjør du?"

Translation:What are you doing?

May 31, 2015



When you say "Hva gjør du?" in Norwegian, are the answers "Reading a book" (What are you doing (e.g. right now)?), and "I'm a teacher" (What do you do (e.g. as a job)?) be equally valid depending on context?

Can "Hva gjør du?" be used to ask someone's profession?


I would say no to that. I'm sure people would understand you in the correct context, but "Hva gjør du?" alone refers to what you are doing in the present.


It would be a very uncommon way of expressing it in Norwegian, and likely need to be preceded by a job related statement to be understood.

These are some common ways of phrasing that question:

"Hva jobber du med?"
"What do you work with?"

"Hva er jobben din?"
"What is your job/occupation?"

The second one sees more use when talking of someone than with someone.


What's the difference between "What are you doing?" and "What do you do?" They seem pretty different in English.


In Norwegian, there isn't one. Both are just the present tense.


I think they are different, The former one implicate what you are doing currently. Whereas the latter one, i think, to ask what you are doing for living,,, my opinion.


In another course (at memrise), I saw how they add "nå" (now) at the end of the question to specify they are referring to the gerund form. I think we can use it, too (:


is the infinitive of this "a gjø"?


gjør on its own could either be the present tense of å gjøre (to do) or å gjø (to bark, to fatten up / feed well). Given the context, the answer is undoubtedly å gjøre.


Hmm, I thought for the three verb groups, the -er or -r ending was added on regardless?


"Å gjøre" is an irregular verb.


The continuous and indicative are moods, not tenses, and plenty of languages don't separate the two. If anything, English (and Irish) are odd-men-out amongst Infoeuropean languages in having a strict separation between the two moods.


That was meant as a reply, but I'm on mobile and hit the wrong button. facepalm

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May it have the meaning of "how are you"?


Hvordan går det? = How are you?
I imagine there are other ways of asking how someone is doing, but the sentence above isn't one of them! :0)

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