"We entered the zoo to see the owls."

Translation:Ni eniris la bestoĝardenon por vidi la strigojn.

May 31, 2015



Just out of interest would an arboretum be arboĝardeno?

September 27, 2018


And how DOES one say "wet suit" in Esperanto? :-)


Malseka kostumo??


This is the second time I forgot the accusative and it only told me I had a typo instead of getting it wrong. I'm just wondering if this is intentional? If the team doesn't want to be too strict about forcing the accusative or if it's just the system doesn't recognize that it should actually be considered wrong.


A wrong use of the accusative is pretty much marked as wrong in most sentences... I have a feeling that they let this one have a pass because of the preposition (which could make some people forget the accusative here).

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