"Vi är vår tids hjältar."

Translation:We are the heroes of our time.

May 31, 2015

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But we're dancing with demons in our mind


Men vi danser med demonerna i vårt sinne?


Almost! It's "dansar".


Hero-oo-oh oh ohs, oh ooh oh


❤❤❤❤❤❤, now I won't be able to get this song out of my head!


Which song is this? :)


Måns Zelmerlöv - Heroes, from Eurovision Song Contest. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-msutN_OkU4


Han är så snygg


Oh! This is the song that won last year! I know OF it at least. :)


this is so awesome!


First 'Sweden, twelve points', and now this... I know where this is going Duo


Eurovision flashback while there's no Eurovision this year. Don't be a bully, Duo! And now I see the translation: I think the English sounds better, but still thank you for that. :)


Yes, I was quite looking forward to seeing Iceland win. :(


Why is "the" required? I did not write it down and it was seen as wrong.


Wondering the same.


Nouns after a possession -s are treated as definites, but can't use the definite form. But English often prefers the "the X of Y" variant, where you can use the definite article.


I am wondering what these svenska ordar are literally because I can't make sense of this!

Oh, google translate to the rescue: we are our time's heroes. Got it!


I assume "hjälte" is cognate with German "Held"?


Yep. Another cognate is the English "health". :)


...and we are so humble


Jag älskar den här frysen


"I love this freezer"? :)


The reference meant nothing to me (being not-European, not a fan of auto tune, and also old) so, for the benefit of anyone else who doesn't get it, here you go. Don't thank me. Thank Google: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nbq6Ur103Q

So, my question is: why not sing it in Swedish?


I'm not a fan of Måns Zelmerlöw either, but he's admittedly a good live singer, and autotune is not permitted at the Eurovision.

There are three reasons for not singing in Swedish:

  1. Songs in English tend to do vastly better in the contest.
  2. English is extremely popular in international pop culture and has been for over half a century now - many Swedish artists write exclusively in English.
  3. If you want to have an international career and fans abroad, Swedish is a generally terrible choice of language.


Thanks for the quick response. It's too bad people can't be a bit more open-minded about language. Here in Canada, it's almost unheard of for French-language songs to be played in English Canada, even though there are so many great québecois artists. My feeling about Måns is that he probably DOES have a good voice, which is why the very obvious auto-tune annoys me so much. I think it tends to be more about special effects than trying to improve someone's singing, and I hate that (but am going seriously off-topic!)


It is a grey area, isn't it? I don't know the exact wording, but the ESC rules basically say that while using autotune to make corrections is not allowed, using effects to augment the performance is perfectly fine. Obviously, some artists use that to a fuller extent than others...


As a massive Eurofan, I have to mention that the two Eurovision winners after Måns featured lyrics in Crimean Tartar (chorus only) and Portuguese. It's not easy, but certainly possible to do well without English.

Unfortunately Sweden always use English when it's an option. The last appearance of Swedish was for Finland in 2012.


I think it just depends on which language you are using. For some reason these languages worked, maybe because they sounded cool, or nobody understood them, or most likely the message attached to them. Belgium has tried a few times in Dutch and guess what? French turned out a little better, with our first (and only) win by Sandra Kim. The latest editions we always sing in English, because it sounds better and is more international. I guess this counts for everyone. And honestly, Sweden is my all time favourite ESC-country because of the catchy English pop songs. Everyone can relate to that. Please don't change that. :)


I love the Eurovision reference, and I am even older than the Eurovision Contest. Wow, you say, that's old!!


Jag älskar Melodifestivalen


Can we also translate this to "We are our time's heroes"?


yeah, but that way you don't get the eurovision reference


"We are today's heroes" would also be a good answer - but it was marked wrong!


I think that's a bit too far from the original Swedish sentence. A closer back-translation for that would be "Vi är dagens hjältar." Not "idags hjältar", "idag" can't be treated like a noun.


Måns Zelmerlöw !!!!


Not knowing the song, I wrote 'heroes of our age' and was marked wrong. What would the Swedish equivalent of 'heroes of our age' be?


"age" as this sense would be tidsålder. I'm not that opposed to adding it, though. Will think about it for a bit. :)


Note to self: This does not mean "We are spring time's heroes"


We are not. We have everything.

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