"Це кінь?"

Translation:Is it a horse?

May 31, 2015

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It`s a very interesting to compar :) Male horse : Кінь (ukr, horse in general); конь (rus, colloquial, can be offencive). Жеребець, жеребчик (ukr); жеребец (rus) - young mal horse. Мерин, Огир (ukr); мерин (rus,) - emasculate horse, can be offencive in both languages. Female horse : Конячка, Коняка (ukr, colloquial); Лошадка, Лошадь (rus, horse in general ). Лошиця (young female horse), Кобила (ukr); Кобыла (rus) can be offencive in both languages. Baby horse : лоша (ukr), жеребёнок (rus).


Кобила seems the spanish word for the male horse: caballo, or the portuguese cavalo. Interesting!


I tried "This horse?" (as opposed to another horse), and it wasn't accepted. Would that translation make sense given the sentence?


Given the structure, it is impossible to interpret the sentence that way. Кінь is masculine, so це must be a separate entity (adjectival "this" would have to agree to the noun you attach it to).

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