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Words missing from the Vocabulary

This is weird but it seems that alot of words are suddenly missing from my Vocabulary or they don't load at all!

For example if i go the the "Basics 2: Lesson 3'' tab for French, it only loads up two words where it should show me five! Or in the ''Skill: Verbs: Être / Avoir'' tab the Avoir is gone... just gone lol what happend? Did it have a big fight with Être and they decided to spend some time appart?

Anyway, there are words missing from almost every lesson... they are just nowhere to be found, even if i do a search for them they don't come up!

Whats going on? Is that a bug or something or am i just stupid? (probably the second but cheking anyway.)

September 30, 2013



I have the same problem with basics 1 in my Italian tree. It seems it is unable to load all of the words. Because of that my basics 1 has 3 bars of word strength even though it is showing me that all words from that skill are full strength.


Well there is no point in advancing right now, since the vocabulary is BROKEN you can't even practice the words than you learn by doing the lesons.... so yhea it's pointless, until the fix it you can't have any real progress.

I know that it's just a minor bug that afects only a small number of users but those afected by it are seriously hampered in learning their language. You get what you pay for i guess.... anyway untill they fix it i can't continue my lesons since the problem will just keep snowballing.

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