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  5. "Tá leathanach bán uaim."

" leathanach bán uaim."

Translation:I want a blank page.

June 1, 2015



does this also mean a blank page?


Could this also mean i need a white page or am i missing something? I thought uaim could be want or need.


I put "I want a clean sheet" because that would be common use here but it wasn't accepted #justsaying


The NEID shows “clean sheet” to be an acceptable translation. Use the Report a Problem button to bring it to the attention of the course creators; a “#justsaying” hashtag in a forum discussion is insufficient to change which answers are accepted as correct.


I was "just saying", not expecting a change - I thought it was a discussion forum and I was only making a comment. I have put several suggestions through the report button which have been corrected. 'Twas meant to be friendly!!


I’d understood it as being friendly. Your comment deserves to be incorporated into the course so that other people won’t have that answer marked as incorrect, and the way that that happens is by bringing errors to the course creators’ attention via the Report a Problem button. A “just saying” comment by itself isn’t enough to improve the course.

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