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Strengthen all gets stuck

Every day, I make sure I do at least 1 or 2 'strengthen all' exercises to keep all my skills in top shape. However, I've found that recently, the general strengthen only gives me 2 or 3 words, and then repeats them over and over, and often they are words I wasn't weak at to begin with. For example, I might get an exercise where it gives me 10-12 sample sentences (out of 20) with the word 'hermano' in it, and the remainder contain the word 'carretera'. I already know those words: they are pretty strong for me. I want to have more work on the words Duolingo thinks I'm weak at.

This means that the rest of my tree has suddenly started decaying quickly, even though Duolingo should have been taking me to my weakest words and improving those. Individual skill 'strengthens' work perfectly well. How do I get the 'strengthen all' to work properly again?

3 years ago



I was noticing the same thing, not only that it just does two or three words, but it will put them in the same exact phrases, so sometimes I will do one simple phrase three times in a row. If I look at my "words" section, there are pages and pages of words I haven't studied in a long time, but none of them are added to these strengthen sections.

Duolingo, is this something that's just really difficult to program? And why don't the flashcards change when I say I know them all?

3 years ago


Yeah, exactly! Or sometimes it'll be very subtle variations, or possibly the same sentence in different example types (English -> Spanish, Spanish -> English, Dictation) all in a row.

3 years ago


I'm having the strengthening not work properly now, both general and specific. Had to take lessons again.

2 years ago