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Fundamento de Esperanto

Hello, everyone! Saluton!

I'm not sure if this has been shared before, but if anyone's interested in reading the original "Fundamento de Esperanto" (which includes a grammar section and a multi-lingual dictionary), you can find it here: http://akademio-de-esperanto.org/fundamento/index.html

Keep in mind that later additions to the fundamentals of the language are not included here - even Zamenhof's way of creating new words with apostrophes in between the affixes is rather odd to modern eyes, but I think it could be a good way of visualizing each prefix or suffix more clearly, thus helping memorization.

Bonŝancon kun via lernado!

June 1, 2015



Thanks! I've seen people talking about it, but I wasn't sure what they were talking about.


Thank you. I was looking for this PDF!

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