can somebody tel me the entire lis of the verb "mange" Je=? Tu=? Elle/Il=? Nous=? Vous=? Elles/Ils=?

May 17, 2012


Complete conjugation of manger:

<pre>Present </pre>

je mange
tu manges
il mange
nous mangeons
vous mangez
ils mangent

The -ER verb conjugations go something like this: je = e tu = es il/elle/on = e

nous = ons (with some exceptions) vous = ez and, ils/elles = ont.

Just take out the er of the infinitive and add the conjugation. (some of these are also called ‘soggy sock’ verbs and need some changes, ez: manger, lever(it gets an accent) etc.

Manger is a regular -er verb, so it's conjugated just like most other verbs that end in -er, except that you preserve the "e" in the nous and vous forms so that it sounds right: Je mange Tu manges Il/Elle mange Nous mangeons Vous mangez Ils/Elles mangent

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