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iPad app does not work

I installed iOS 7.0.2 update in my iPad mini. My Duolingo app stopped working. I use web solution via browsers now. It is a big handicap though that Duolingo app is not available. Is there an update of the Duolingo app for the new iOS version? If yes, what happens with the content created if I do change the app?

September 30, 2013



You should move this to troubleshooting so one of the experts/moderators can help you.


I'm running iOS 7.0.2 on an iPad mini and there doesn't seem to be a problem... Maybe an isolated glitch? You should definitely move this to the troubleshooting section though as you will be more likely to get an answer. Here, your topic will got lost in the huge number of threads.


There have been several discussions about people running iOS7 and the need to upgrade to the newest DuoLingo app to make things work properly. It should be available in the app store. Do a search if you need more info, and good luck!

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