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"Meus pais ouvem seus comentários."

Translation:My parents hear your comments.

June 1, 2015



How would I say "My parents heard their comments"?


To remove ambiguity in the plural, you can use the form "deles/delas" after the noun - Meus pais ouvem os comentários deles. My parents hear their comments.

P.S. The most accurate answer is that you can't know whether the comments come from a "ele/ela/você/vocês/eles/elas" without having some more information (seu is a general 3rd person, and it declines according to the object it is changing and not the possessor), but people tend to assume it's a "you" because that form doesn't have a substitute ("de você" is informal and you shouldn't use it).


It would still remain ambigous.

Meus pais ouviram seus próprios comentários. - My parents heard their own comments.

Meus pais ouviram os comentários deles. - My parents heard their (ambiguous) comments.

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