"The earth does not taste good."

Translation:La tero ne bongustas.

June 1, 2015

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Gusti means only to give the sensation of a taste. To get the sensation of a taste is gustumi. Gusti as a verb takes an adverb. Nothing special about that. You can put them together to form the word bongusti (= bone gusti).

The earth does not taste well. = La tero ne bone gustumas. :-)


> La tero ne bone gustumas.

Since the Earth has no taste buds.


Thank you!! This is a wonderful explanation :)


is malbongustas a viable word?


Yes, but it could not taste good without tasting bad. ĉu ne?


Kiel estas: La tero malgustas?


Why not: La tero malgustas?


Yes, I think that should be a valid answer. I would report it the next time.


In "La tero ne gustas bone," why is an adverb used instead of an adjective? The earth does not have taste receptors. The earth can not taste things. Every time I see "La tero ne gustas bone," I read it as "The earth does not taste well." Poor earth. :(


In English, that distinction is made with good vs. well, but in Esperanto, the verbs gusti and gustumi are so clear that you don't need the extra distinction. Also, bone is describing the verb gusti so it needs to be an adverb


Tero = planet earth tero = earth, as in dirt


so bongustas means delicious and tastes good?(i see how that happens because of word building...but wont that lead to confusion? im still a noob..so maybe not)


"Bongusta" is an adjective meaning "delicious" or "good-tasting". "Bongustas" is a verb meaning "to be delicious" or "to taste good"


sorry..thats so obvious ...extreme shame and sadness...lol i can delete comment or leave as a testament to glorious ineptitude! ha


It's only obvious once you see it and, by no means, a dumb question. Don't delete your question because I'm sure there will be a hundred people with the same question coming through here.


Last comment was three years ago . What would be wrong with using ' grundo ' for ' tero ' ?

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