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Duolingo's lesson plans

[deactivated user]

    Hello all,

    On the Duolingo for schools page (schools.duolingo.com), it says "Use our lesson plan." Where can I find that lesson plan? Or even just a roadmap of the topics/words covered so that I can also "design [my] lessons around it." Any ideas?



    June 1, 2015



    I would have to guess that Duolingo"s Lesson Plan is actually the manner in which each of the Language trees and their respective skills have been organized for a learner to progress through in an orderly manner. For example, in Spanish for English speakers it would be - Bascis 1 > Phrases > Basics 2 > Food > Animals > Plurals etc. You could preview the vocabulary in each skill, review any Tips and Tricks included with each skill and then pre-teach the vocabulary, any additional grammar or concepts you would like the students to have before they begin the lesson on Duolingo.

    [deactivated user]

      I think you're right. I was hoping not. I was hoping that they actually had each of the lessons on the tree mapped out rather than having to preview them. What I see in the lesson preview is only a few of the words I'll learn, and then once I begin the lesson, there are probably twice as many.

      They are already doing so much though, so I don't think I mind taking the few extra steps. But if they would publish something like what I'm asking for, I do think teachers would appreciate it greatly. ;)

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