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Dutch learning course

June 1, 2015



Thanks a ton for sharing this course! It is only a 3-week course and I was able to cruise through the first week's material in under two hours [and I did EVERYTHING]. I felt that after the first week's classes I was able to describe basic information about myself and my family and work with flow, despite how poor my accent may be. A very useful course indeed! If anyone is interested, I think most of the material is available for the whole course and it will only be running until the 21st of June.

Thanks sakuralopez!

P.S.-Have enough lingots to take a progress quiz.


Oh how I wish I had more time to take this course on. Maybe later. Thanks for posting.


I just joined after hearing of this. I am a complete beginner and I like what I see. Thank you! If I am reasonably successful, I plan to do the Duolingo Dutch later.


Cool, I just signed up!


The same course is running on futurelearn at the moment - you can probably sign up, although week 1 has already started. I am finding it very helpful, in combination with using duolingo.

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