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  5. "Where are students?"

"Where are students?"

Translation:Де студенти?

June 1, 2015



What is the difference between "студентка" and "студента"? Since both are allowed?


студентка - female student, студент - male student. Студента - I guess it is a genitive of студент


Right, makes a lot of sense. Thanks! Probably learn it in later lessons though. I guess I'm just impatient.


Is студенти plural?


my family is from Ukraine but i don't know how to speak it duolingo doesn't make sense some times . it says i have to type in another language!


Студенти: this is plural of student but is: Студентки: plural of only female students?


Yes. If there's masculine and feminine versions of some noun than you use masculine plural to refer to any group and feminine plural to refer to exclusively feminine group


Oh I see, so I can use the male form for female students also, even if it only consists of female students?


Well, you can, but it's not preferable if you are 100% sure that there are only girls in that group :)


Instead of "Де студенти?" I wrote de ctydehtn" in english letters it said it's wrong what should I do?


That depends on what device you're using but you should be able to find Cyrillic keyboard software somewhere in your system settings and use it for typing Cyrillic characters. The problem is that while "D" and "Д" are essentially equivalent, "N" and "И" are not at all.


The same goes for "Y" and "У", S and С, h and н - those are totally different letters with totally different pronunciation

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