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Timed Practice

I got a question wrong during my timed practice and I wanted to look at the discussion for it, but the timer ran out before I found my answer and now I can't find the topic.

Could we make it so that when you read the discussion during timed practice the timer pauses? I don't think that would ruin the effect of the timing or anything...

September 30, 2013



This is a very common question/request. If you type into the search something like: timer stop, you will get hundreds of results.

Some people would like the timer to pause only when you get an answer wrong and there are some that would like the timer to pause whenever you open a the discussion. Also there are some people, like myself, that like timed practice as it is because in their opinion it shouldn't be used for learning (for that we have lessons and non timed practice) instead to test us on how quickly we can come up with an answer.


But it's all for learning! I don't think it should stop when you get it wrong but opening discussion should absolutely, otherwise remove the option to open discussion during timed practice altogether!

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