"Ich wohne im Laden."

Translation:I live in the store.

December 26, 2012

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Ich bin eine Katze


Ich bin nicht normal.


There was this family-owned Chinese restaurant in my area that housed the entire staff on the upper floor. It can be more normal than you think.


Can it not be 'i live in the basement'?


What makes you think "Laden" might mean "basement"?


This is most confusing. As this was a Type What You Hear, I typed Länden instead of Laden , but Duo marked my answer correct. Was? Aside from that, I happen to live in a store building.


Die Eule will often give credit for typos, so long as the misspelled word is not a valid word. Combine that with Duo's leniency regarding umlauts (i.e., equating a and ä, o and ö, u and ü), and you have your explanation: Landen is not a word, so die Eule thinks you simple had a typo, an accidental insertion of the first "n".

Had you typed "Lade"--which could be interpreted as the opposite typo, the accidental omission of the "n"--then you likely would have been marked wrong, because Lade is a legitimate German word (meaning "drawer").

Personally, I think Duo should be more strict regarding umlauts. That would have probably meant your "Länden" would be wrong, because it would have two typos.


what's the difference between Laden and Geschäft?


Take a look at the Wiktionary entries for Laden and Geschäft and let us know what you think.

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