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  5. "Popüler olmak istiyorum!"

"Popüler olmak istiyorum!"

Translation:I want to be popular!

June 1, 2015



so we are suddenly using olmak. Is that becuase it is something that is really 'to be' If I was saying i am popular, would I go back to normal. Ben populerim?


Yes! Popüler olmak: To be popular (so not a sentence) Ben popülerim: I am popular.


yes. you can use olmak for be, where you can also use "become". So here you could also say "I want to become popular"


So is this the same with most adjectives then. "Ben kısayım ama üzün olmak istiyorum" for I am short but I want 'to be' tall. Is that right?


Yes, except that tall: uzun, not "üzün" :)


Ah thanks. I wrote that down wrong at the time. Thanks.


It's more like German than English. In English we can say, "He wants to be a doctor," but in German you would say, "Er will Arzt werden," which means "He wants to become a doctor."


In German, if you want to say "He wants to be tall," it is just like English. "Er will groß sein." You would not use "werden" here.


Would "famous" be a possible translation of popüler as well?


no famous and popular are not the same. You might be popular in your school, that doesn't make you a famous person


Famous = lots of people know you
Popular = lots of people like you


Both isterim and istiyorum are accepted. Can anyone explain to me the difference in meaning in this particular sentence?


"Popüler olmak istiyorum!" Translation: I want to be popular!

Are you charismatic & charming in nature? Are people drawn to you? Are you lovable, authentic & sincere?

Sometimes yes & sometimes no. Am I popular? - Yes.

"Yine de insan soruyor kendine?" - All the time when I'm not around.

I care more about others than I care about myself. You only have to show me a little kindness & I will return it ten - fold. That's how I am.


Want to = wanna . Why is it wrong ?!

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