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A useful website for listening to Norwegian

Poking around various youtube channels for learning Norwegian, I came across one called "Learn Norwegian Naturally." There are about 20 short videos made by a native speaker dealing with various topics and vocabularies, and narrated quite clearly. He also has a website with Norwegian and English transcripts for the videos, available for free.

The website also has recordings of native speakers reading newspaper articles out loud, grammar help, vocabulary lists and other useful features. Listening to spoken Norwegian is the biggest challenge for me, so I was excited to find all these recordings and transcripts.

The website is here: http://www.learnnorwegiannaturally.com

Lykke til med studiene! (Is that correct? I have google translate to thank for that.)

June 1, 2015



This will help me a lot! Thank You!


This looks really helpful. Thanks for sharing!


"Lykke til med studiene" is correct!


Good luck with your studies?


Thanks so much for sharing! He speaks clearly, but not TOO clearly, he still sounds very natural (I think). Will be very helpful for me. :)

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