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  5. "Hadet hjælper ikke."

"Hadet hjælper ikke."

Translation:The hate does not help.

June 1, 2015



In English there is no article with hate. It should be: Hate does not help.


It's certainly a lot more idiomatic/plausible without the article.


but it does. Montrose: I have had a message from His Grace the Duke of Argyll. It seems our MacGregor is holed up with him. He offers us a match: you and the Highlander.

Archibald Cunningham: [rasping whisper] Bring him on.

Montrose: You speak, Archibald! One must never underestimate the healing power of hatred.

movie. ROb Roy


It is talking about a certain kind of hate here. Like "That kind of hate doesn't help". Else it wouldn't have the definite form in Danish either: "Had hjælper ikke."


Historically yes, but nowadays hate most certainly can take an article as well.


Agreed. DuoLingo has given us another too literal translation


Just wondering would 'The hate is not helping' also be correct?


Yep. There is a lesson on how to specifically make verbs continuous, but all present tense verbs could be helps, is helping, and does help.


Interestingly if sadly and unsurprisingly, a Google search of the English word shows that it has been at its highest use since 1800.


Hatred is a better word.


What doesn't help is that in another sentence of this series "Livet er hardt," the article in English can be omitted "Life is hard", yet in this very sentence it is not accepted even though "the hate doesn't help" is frankly not idiomatic in English.


Is the pronunciation of this a bit off? I can't tell, I'm not a Dane, but it sounds sort of weird. Can anyone confirm?


I thought so too, but I'm not native either.


Do you need to insert a specific modal verb to make this a future tense statement? It wouldn't accept "the hate won't help."


That is where you're wrong. It feeds me.

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