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  5. "It is really very cold here."

"It is really very cold here."

Translation:Burası gerçekten çok soğuk.

June 1, 2015



What's the difference between "burada" and "burası" in this sentence?


Howdy Minji! :)

Burada is used to describe at what location an event or thing happens. "Parkta, okulda, etc."

Burası is similar, but is in the nominative case. There isn't any distinction in the English, which makes this topic a little hard.

My suggestion to learners of Turkish is to try replacing these with another word (like park for example). It sounds much better to say "park gerçekten çok soğuk" then "parkta...."

I hope that helped!


just to add, you cannot say "burada çok soğuk" but you can say "burada hava çok soğuk" (the weather is very cold here)


I had trouble with this until I belatedly realized that "burası' is a noun in Turkish, not an adverb like the equivalent of "here" in most west European languages. I find it easier to handle if I first mentally change "here" to "this place." So "It is very cold here" -> *"This place is very cold". As the subject can't very well be in anything but nominative: "Burası çok soğuk."


How about to use "bura"? Bura gerçekten çok soğuk. Is that OK or you just don't have this word?


It is fine is colloquial and kind of lazy Turkish, but it is not a official word :)


What's the differences between "buraya" and "burası"?


Buraya is 'to here' (dative). It gets confusing when (1) a verb requires dative in Turkish or (2) it would sound unidiomatic to include 'to' in English.


"Really very cold" doesn't sound right to me... I even made a mistake in Turkish because I read through the word "really" as if it wasn't there.


Why "Burası çok soğuk, gerçekten" not accepted?


Burası oldukça çok zor is correct?


What's the difference between gercekten and aslinda?

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