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  5. "He is eating an ice cream."

"He is eating an ice cream."

Translation:Han spiser en is.

June 1, 2015



I read in another comment that present continue doesn't actually exist in Danish, for those other languages that have it (English, French, Spanish) a more natural translation would be something like "han er spiser en is", so to get the answer something more natural would be "he eats ice cream" in simple present, am i wrong?


French has no progressive present.


the translation for an is et


' Han spiser en is' Is the right answer. But the word 'is'is not an option just like in a former same question. I think that "frokost' is the mistake..sounds like "frozen"/ice...icecream...??

Anyway: please be so kind to ad the right word! Thanks a lot! Wonderful method to learn Danish!


The feminine version of this questi gave a completely different word for ice cream.


The sentence I think you're referring to is "Pigen spiser en is" (although it does accept "Pigen spiser en flødeis" which could have showed up if you got it wrong)


In which context or which words must I use 'et' or 'en' to indicate a simple thing or person? In this case it told me 'et' isn't supposed that 'et' is for objects or is because I'm still a rookie on this?

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