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  5. "Egg and juice."

"Egg and juice."

Translation:Æg og saft.

June 1, 2015



I am going crazy here. Every time I try to answer this question I get it wrong because I don't have a Danish keyboard. Every time I get it wrong Duo won't let me continue and keeps throwing the same question at me. And guess what? I get it wrong again because I don't have a Danish keyboard!! Please can someone look at this problem. I am loving Duolingo, but if I can't progress with my Danish I'm gonna have to look for another language course. I hear Babel is pretty good. Am I the only one who is experiencing this problem?


Yes I have just came to this point and like you don't have a Danish keyboard. What is the solution to this?


I admire you, this is the point where I am actually ready to stop Duolingo and try Babbel. My solution which you obviously found by now was to try English letter combos that look similar. Aeg should have worked and works in other exercises but this one only accepts Ag.


I have same complain


I switch from using Duolingo on my phone and laptop and have access to a danish keyboard on both. When using it on my laptop, some of the danish letters come up automatically under the text box. If I am using it on my phone then I just click and hold in the letter to A to get the Æ letter and the same for the others. Hope this is helpful to others.


Cheers holding down 'A' worked for me


No, you are not. I am, too, and just posted so.


Change your keyboard to "English - International" and hold down the RightAlt button + "z" (for Windows) æææææ


I've been told that the word 'saft' is most commonly used to described juice concentrate and the word 'juice' is used to describe pure fruit juice (go figure).


That is very much true, although not correct use of the words. But that is not unusual for native speakers to use words differently than they should.


Tried it. Didnt work


I know how AEG is spelled, but I can't type it with my manual and Duolingo refuses to accept my answer as correct. What a pity.


Hold the a key down if on phone


I know it stinks! I have told the duolingo/computer/algorithm the same. Come on duolingo!


"juice": beverage made from pressed fruit or vegetabels without added sugar. "saftevand": beverage made from natural or artificial fruit juice with added suger and diluted with water. "saft" 1: liquid from pressed fruit. 2: Drink made from boiled berries or fruit often with added sugar and sometimes diluted with water

Note: due to the definitions, if you would serve or drink "saft" (1) as a beverage, it would then be defined as "juice" indstead. And if you serve or drink "saft" (2) as a beverage that has added sugar it would then be "saftevand" Also note: "saft" also have a lot of other meanings.

"juice" or "saftevand" would both be more correct than just "saft" if you are talking about a beverage. Source: ordnet.dk


Could saftevand be considered more like soft drinks, then?


I think that soft drinks are normally carbonated. "saftevand" would mainly be used to described a concentrated fruit/berry drink that you buy and then have to dilute with water (often for serving at home) "Juice" would mainly be used for drinks that you buy pre-mixed. (if you go to a restaurant you will order juice and never saftevand)


English language phones do not allow joined ae as in aeg or accents so cannot complete this unit.


What would be cool is the app detected your keyboard language and then included buttons for the characters needed but doesnt have.


How can you type Aeg on an English keyboard?


How can I write Danish characters?


I can't join the ae in Danish lessons


So saftevand is sirup?


Without a Danish keyboard how am I supposed to translate "Egg and juice"? I tried "Aeg og saft" and "AEg og saft" and both were marked wrong. Where do I go from here? I don't like to lose points if there is a way round the problem. Can anyone help?


what the heck. i type aeg og saft and its wrong? please Fix before I quit the program thank you.


In 4/5 Danish lesson 25% an answer is being marked as incorrect and the learner is not being allowed to advance to the next item when they rightfully should be


An answer is being marked as incorrect that is accepted on other screens. Danish 4/5 5% and 25%. ‘Aeg’ Other answers are also being marked as incorrect that do not require a Danish keyboard, e.g. Hun spiser pasta.


Im not confused , just disgusted with my poverty.(Can't afford a better phone) Any how an e is an e.


OK. Solution no thanks to Duo is to google translation and past æg in


Please LOOK at this aeg og salt this is second of doing this lesson and cannot go any further because of this problem


I've had the same problem. I've left it for a while and come back and the lesson is different allowing me to progress. If that doesn't work, just go on to the next unit. It seems you don't have to complete one unit before going on to the next.


Solution is download Danish keyboard.


Is it too difficult for the Danish section of the Duolingo staff to let users use ae instead of æ? And if you don't know how to do it, ask the Norwegian staf. They are clever enough.


I kinda wish I HAD a key board , at least I could bang that of the desk. . Lolllll.


I dont have a Danish keybiard but my answer was correct, so please account for us that are in the same position and fix it aeg is egg!! You account for that in French with soeur sister where in French the oe are connected so why not hwre for the Danish!!


The same problem here. Until this question i could write "AEG" , but here it doesn't work.


Fix this already. AEG IS OKAY


Do not have a Danish keyboard so the mistake continues


No danish keybord


I don't have the ae on my keyboard


I have never heard someone refer to juice as just "saft". An orange has "saft" in it. It doesn't have "juice" in it, but once you squeeze that "saft" out of said orange and pour it into a glass (turning it into a beverage), it becomes "juice". We just call it juice... Appelsinjuice (orange juice).


Same problem, without a Danish keyboard its impossible to complete this question correctly!!


I don't have Danish keyboard.


I dont have a danish keyboard so I cannot do this right


I can't write Aeg on my keys


Same issue 'aeg' is right but wrong...


Sorry I do not have a Danish keyboard


Smart move for people struggling with that, just copy "Æg" and paste it for next time :)


Duo answer was. Correct aeg not accepted absolute crap


Duo aeg should be accepted


Cannot pass this egg and juice statement because my keyboard is not Danish. How do I fix this


Same problem AE


Problem solved my friend hold down the vowel on your keyboard a box will appear with syllables for different languages


I carnt get it right without a danish keyboard either!


Aeg should work!


I don't have a danish keyboard!!!


I dont have danish keyboard for aeg.. Egg


Same here, I am typing Aeg for egg but it won't accept it ,what can I do

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