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  5. "My sister is a secretary."

"My sister is a secretary."

Translation:Моя сестра - секретар.

June 1, 2015



Why секретар is not feminine?


If you read tips and notes, you would knew :) We can use masculine versions of professions to refer to women. When you use masculine noun you're just talking about one's profession. If you choose to use feminine version it's like you're accentuating the gender of a person.


I think we need to be careful here not to let Russian norms slip into Ukrainian. It is completely normal to speak with feminitives and Ukrainians do it automatically. That being said, it's not a wholly balanced practice, as professions generally associated with women more likely to be "feminized," but nearly all names of professions lend themselves to this.


Are you not allowed to use секрктарка here?


I think the first choice using секрктарка would be wrong because the beginning of the sentence "Мий сестра" uses case wrong. I think "Моя сестра - секрктарка " would have been correct.

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