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How many levels of each language are there?

I'm on French level 8, but I've seen some people with 21 or 23 levels. Does anyone know how high the levels go?

September 30, 2013



It's certainly level 25. I can't go any higher.


why would duolingo limit the levels to 25. i think it would be better if you could continue increasing levels... what do others think ?


But you can finish a tree without achieving the level 25, right?


Correct. Continued practice through lessons and participating in immersion/translation activities strengthen your skills and add to your knowledge while allowing you to continue to advance in level if you finish the skill tree before reaching level 25.


I finished mine at level 13, I saw a few people that finished at level 11.


I finished the English tree at 10 O.o


so what if I get to 25 before I finish the tree, what's gonna happen then?


You probably just keep on Strengthening Skills or Practicing Weak Words or redoing a lesson. Also another is Immersion. You just keep doing it and you level up later. A ton of people finish their skill tree before Level 25. So just reinforcing your skills will level you up eventually. Keep Practicing

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