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  5. "Doğudan geliyorum."

"Doğudan geliyorum."

Translation:I am coming from the East.

June 1, 2015



Does this sentence only refer to location? Or can it also mean "belonging"? as in I am from the East


It doesn't mean but may hint that one belongs to east.


"I am coming from east" was incorrect. How would you say that? According to google translate it is the same.


Because English wants you to use articles before directions, this should be "I am coming from the east."


"I am coming from east." is incorrect English.

An example usage in English of "I am coming from the east." would be if you were waiting for me but did not know which direction I was coming from, so I phoned you to tell you which way to look.

Would that be the only usage of "Doğudan geliyorum." in Turkish or are there other examples?


Would the three wise men say this? :)


I am coming from east is this wrong ??


Can this also mean "I am from the east", as in that is where you were born, living previously, etc? Or does this only mean that at this moment you have traveled from the east?


Yes, it must have the The before east. But some people learn another language using also another lsnguage. It is not honest to take a heart away for lacking The in this case. There must be no punishment for misspelt english or for things like articles.

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