"I have five cousins."

Translation:Benim beş kuzenim var.

June 1, 2015

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    If cousins is plural, why is this not kuzenlerim?


    The plural suffix is not used with numbers! :)

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks. I had not noticed this before!


      You have to use only one "making plural" word or plural suffix in a phrase. You can't use both together.

      Benim beş kuzenim var. (beş is a number and numbers are making plural words)

      Benim çok kuzenim var. (çok, fazla, epey, birçok are making plural words)

      Benim kuzenlerim var. (-ler plural suffix)


      aah crap. i fel for it again keep forgetting. i was so proud I thought of Beş kuzenlerim :(


      : ) Don't be sad! It's not you, it's Turkish (very stingy with plurals)!


      "Beş tane kuzenim var" should also be correct, surely?


      "Kuzen" looks like a loanword from French. Are there any "native Turkish" equivalents that learners should be aware of?


      I have five cousins. Benim beş kuzenim var.


      Beş kuzenim var.

      Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo without using the possessive pronoun, "benim."

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