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so hard...

Spanish and Irish are nothing like each other Spanish was hard but Irish? Its like trying to put an elephant in my ear!

if anyone has a tip on the "boy" post a coment to help or post on my stream.

Duo on android.

my duolingo on my android dose nothing but say "this applocation was force shut down"

June 1, 2015



Patience:-) Irish is hard, with unfamiliar spelling, and not much overlapping vocabulary (and some 'exciting' grammar you'll come to), but it will make sense if you persevere, keep practising, and read the tips and notes! A couple of things I found for spelling were: 'slender with slender, broad with broad'. An 'e' or 'i' (slender vowels) on one side of a consonant will be matched with either a slender vowel on the other... And the same with a broad vowel ('a', 'o', 'u') on one side of the consonant, there will be a broad vowel on the other. If you see an 'h', that group of letters will make an unexpected sound:-)

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