"To err is human."

Translation:Erari estas homa.

June 1, 2015

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Shouldn't it be "Erari estas home," since human describes a verb instead of a noun?


It's actually describing the noun. Read it like human nature or human error. It's adjectival :-D Akceptu la veron! Edit: ( I just wanted to correct you because I enjoy that. I see now that it is an infinitive and not a noun that it was modifying.)


According to Lernu http://en.lernu.net/lernado/gramatiko/detala2/adverboj.php

Adverbo povas ankaŭ esti predikativa priskribo de infinitiva verbo aŭ de subfrazo:

Estas amuze labori. Amuze priskribas la vorton labori.

Multe maĉi estas necese por bona digesto.


Maybe it has something to do w/ starting the phrase with the infinitive?


I suspect it's just an (ironic) error. I'm not very familiar with this structure so I thought I'd pose it to the community before reporting it.

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