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  5. "The food here is cheap."

"The food here is cheap."

Translation:Maten her er billig.

June 1, 2015



Well, they're definetely not reffering to Norway in this sentence c':


Just crossed the border, now this is


I thought that the verb has to come second. So why is it correct to say "maten her er billig"?


I think you are right about the V2 word order. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V2_word_order You must remember though that V2 word order does not mean that the verb is the second word. It is in the second position. So, you could have "The big black and white cat" as a subject with all its modifiers in 1st position.

Maybe "The food here" means "this place's food" which means that "here" modifies "the food" and is part of the first position.

This would also explain why sabu16's sentence above would be a completely different sentence in which "here" is truly used as an adverb instead of describing a noun.


Ok... it's a bit confusing, but I'll try to remember that. I guess because in english you can say "the food is cheap here" i separate "here" from "the food". good to know that I don't always have to stress how to make the verb in the second position.


Tusen takk for det! I humbly give you a lingot.


Is "maten er billig her" totally wrong?


No, it just carries a slightly different emphasis. Similar to how you in English can say "the food is cheap here" as well. :)


Not really, just not the same order as the question.


This is not in question form though.


The sentence isn't in question form, I meant it's not in the same order as the sentence that duolingo is asking you to translate.


Go to Sweden, move back to Norway

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