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  5. "Так, ми їмо фрукти на обід."

"Так, ми їмо фрукти на обід."

Translation:Yes, we eat fruit for lunch.

June 1, 2015



English natives! Please, tell us. Isn't the sentence "We eat fruitS for lunch" correct as well?


Not really. For this sentence we would just say fruit. Fruit here can mean one kind of fruit or more than one kind. Also, this Duolingo sentence is not accurate. Most English speakers would say they eat fruit with lunch, not for lunch. Fruit isn't usually the entire lunch, so the correct English sentence here would be "Yes, we eat fruit with lunch."


I feel that Ukrainian sentence also implies that fruit is their whole lunch


I'm Ukrainian-Canadian, and we've always used 'овочі' to signify 'fruit'. 'Ярина' was/is used for 'vegetables'. We've been speaking/using these terms here for OVER a hundred years when speaking in Ukrainian. (That's probably due to the fact that the majority of Ukrainian immigrants in the late 1800's, to mid 1960's came to Canada from Western Ukraine as 'Galicians' (Halychany - Галичани), 'Bukovinians' (Буковинці), and 'Ruthenians' (Рутинці). If you ask an older person for 'овочі', you will get 'fruit' not 'vegetables'. :/


That is such an interesting fact!! Thanks a lot!

I've been wondering about this ever since I made this map :)

I guess at some point Ukraine took the Latin root from Russian or some other influence, but a lot of other Slavic languages kept the "овоч" root.

Also, in German there are both: Obst and Frucht

Also, овоч comes from "to grow" in Sanskrit (if I'm not wrong, gotta double-check), that's why the confusion maybe :)

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