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Streak on iPad app doesn't match streak on website

The title says it all, I suppose. Am I doing something wrong that my streak on the iPad is much smaller than my actual streak, which shows correctly on the website?

I tried logging out and then in again. I killed and restarted the app. No go.

September 30, 2013



I have the same problem, but in reverse and on Android. My phone and Kindle show the correct number of days (51 for Spanish, 41 for French), but the website my streak is 32 days for both languages. This happened when lingots were introduced.


Glad to see I'm not alone. Is the discussion board the right place to report bugs, or should I be going somewhere else? Do you know?


For me that also happened when lingots got introduced and the problem disappeared after doing exercises from website (not mobile) for a few days.

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