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Any chance of a browser addon to integrate translated fragments/paragraphs as you read pages across the web?

I wrote a fairly simple GreaseMonkey script a few years ago which automatically extracted random paragraphs of text from any pages I was reading (worked best with wordpress blogs since they have fairly reliable structure) and translated those paragraphs into French (or any other language) using Google's API (and then Bing when Google turned off their API) so that I would encounter random French parts of articles in the English I was reading to help expand my vocabulary.

It was a fairly natural learning method because the words I didn't understand were in context with the rest of the article.

Sadly I lost the source when a hard-drive died and because the auto-translation from Bing wasn't great I never got round to rewriting it (though I do still have an old incomplete version available if anyone wants to pick it up).

Any chance of Duolingo releasing a browser plugin for Chrome and/or Firefox? (they're both fairly simple to write page-mod addons for) so that we can incorporate the Duolingo vocabulary builder and Immersion tools right into any other website we're visiting? Or failing Duolingo releasing one, do you guys have an API so I could revive my script and share with the community for others?

Thanks :) Bob

September 30, 2013


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